CONVERSE - We Create Next
Nobody sees the world like a skater. This unique perspective can only be created through a collective approach.

In "Sky," we combine scenes captured by director and skateboarder Paul Hermann with various filming techniques, including footage shot from our skaters themselves, to showcase authentic skate culture with a fresh perspective.

The film explores a montage featuring quick cuts, handheld cameras, GoPro scenes, and beautiful shots of our brand ambassadors, highlighting certain imperfections and failures, to craft an intimate language that resonates with the audience.

The result is a mix that's perfect in its imperfections and honesty. After all, nobody sees the world like they do.

CCO... Perry Fair, Shayne Millington, Pierre Lipton
ECD... Isaac Silverglate, Cristina Reina, Pete Johnson
GCD... Gui Racz, Lucas Casao, Rodney White, Aaron Schneeberger
Creatives... Savannah Hicks, Ian Forsyth, Lucas Ribeiro, Kazuo Kubo, Jamar Callender
Designers... Matt van Leeuwen, Zac Collopy, David Mindel
Collage: Kazuo Kubo, Rodrigo Sganzerla, Zac Collopy
Film Director: Paul Hermann

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles